Jewellery & Silver Antique, Art Deco, Vintage and even modern Jewellery and silver, if it catches Alison’s heart then she will quite happily invest.
Ceramics Alison has a passion for early Doulton stoneware, always keen to buy very decorative and engaging pieces. Alison has a particular interest in British manufactured ceramics.
Antiques Alison will buy your Art and Antiques from a single item to a whole collection or house clearance. Alternatively, if you wish to sell your specialist or rare art or antiques at auction, Alison can help you with placing your items in the right auctions to maximise their audience and their final sale price.
Vintage Alison is always on the look out for quality Vintage items, especially from the leading fashion houses Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, scarves, bags, and jewellery! But, even items that don’t have a “name” but have style, personality and panache, then Alison is your girl!